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Cooling Panels - Stainless Steel PR-03

  • £13000

Cheap and easy method for cooling (or heating) liquid in a tank with open-top or manway.

Panels are easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than cooling coils. Standard is 304 stainless steel.

Allows use of existing tanks, without the need for expensive cooling jackets or external heat exchanger systems. Being totally immersed in the product, panels are also very efficient. Needs a pumped supply of cooling or heating medium ( e.g. chilled water, glycol)

A wide range of lengths and widths is available.

Standard widths: 27, 37, 47cm .  Standard lengths: 60,80,100…. Up to 300 cm.

A limited range is available online - for others, please CONTACT US.

Add 30cm to  length for connecting pipes (dual 1/2-inch BSPm or hosetail connection)

Special sizes/ designs or 316 stainless on request

Designs may vary

Info sheet HERE

Delivery time normally 1 to 21 days