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Hand-held Inkjet Printer LA-15

  • £95000


  • Automatic numbering, real-time date and time and your own custom text all in one impression.
  • 2 lines of text.
  • Stamp memory has 25 impressions stored as favourites for quick access.
  • Up to 4 custom impressions or special functions can also be stored on the stamp, making new layouts fast and easy to create.
  • Clearly visible print area.
  • User-friendly display with multiple menus to browse through.
  • The stamp is activated by a trigger button on the handle of the machine.
  • Battery operated makes stamping on the move easy.
  • Ink cartridges are easily changed, and additional cartridges can be bought separately.

Standard Version                                                                               Water- based ink, for printing onto absorbent surfaces: paper / card etc.

 MP version                                                                                        Solvent- based ink, for printing onto glass, metal, plastic, etc.


Delivery time normally 7 to 14 days

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