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Filler - vacuum single head FL-02a

  • £41500

'EnoMatic' Single head vacuum filler for glass or rigid plastic / small plastic bottles.

Compact, self-contained bench-top units. Bottles are placed under the nozzle and a special pump draws a vacuum, causing liquid to be sucked out of your feed vessel and filled into the bottle to a pre-set level.

The fillers are suitable for non-carbonated, non foaming liquids, including wines and liqueurs, bottle-conditioned beer, still cider, oils and thin purees/sauces without particles, toiletries and cleaning chemicals, of low viscosity and are easily adaptable for most shapes and sizes of bottle and jar. Suitable only for GLASS or other rigid-walled containers.

Standard nozzles fit bottles with min.18mm neck. Mini -nozzles available for min. 8mm necks, Stainless versions available, and multi-head machines / versions for spirits and hot filling on request.

Note* if filling sugary products we would recommend an OIL Bath Filter to save from damaging the vacuum pump over time. 

Info sheet HERE

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EnoMASTER multi-head stainless versions, see FL-02b HERE

Extra nozzles and spare seals, see FL-02c HERE

Delivery time normally 1 to 7 days