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cork capper for bottle ca-19

Wine Corker Hand-held CA-19

  • £2450

Corks are placed in the slot above the corking head, a bottle is positioned underneath, and a push on the two levers compresses and inserts the cork

The unit is for standard 22 mm  diameter corks (for wine bottles)., up to 44mm long.

Robust construction and surprisingly quick and easy to operate.

Speed 250 to 500 bottles per hour

Designs / colours may vary.

Delivery time normally 1 to 14 days

Leave bottles standing upright for 24 hours whilst the corks expand to achieve a proper seal.

Please note the corker can leave a dent in the top of the cork  but this is perfectly normal and does not affect the sealing, and if using capsules to finish your bottles will not be seen